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Loop Holes in Christianity and Bible !! Can Pope Explain??

1. Relevance of Bible
Christians believe that Torah was revealed on Moses by God. Then Zabur (Psalms) was revealed to David and finally Injil on Jesus.

Now the questions are:
a. What was left incomplete in Torah that was put in Zabur and what new did Injil gave which was not present earlier?
b. What about people who were born before Injil came? What was their fault that they were devoid of God’s knowledge?
c. If someone says that those people who came before Injil will still get salvation based on old books, then revelation of Injil becomes a waste.
d. Since Christianity does not believe in rebirth, it would be injustice to provide people born in different times with differing circumstances for salvation. What is the fault of people born now who having been exposed to scientific ways can no more take superstitions of Bible blindly? Either Bible should have been as per scientific facts or God should keep showing miracles to every person born!

Vedas are given in beginning of creation cycle and are also within each soul. Regardless of whether someone knows Vedas by heart or not, mere dedication for truth would lead any soul to Vedas and then to salvation over a period of several births as per Law of Karma that works every moment. Also Vedas are not subject to revisions and editions. Hence such flaws are not applicable here.
e. Finally how could a person like David who had illegitimate relations with married women and even fathered their children, be a deserving Prophet? Why Prophet Jesus was born out of wedlock? Why Moses, the first Prophet was such a psychopath that he decided to hang all men and women who worshipped idols?

2. Sequence of Creation
a. As per Bible, first light was created and then sun and stars were created on 4th day. Can Papal scientists explain how can light be created before its source?
b. If they say that first light was sourced from God, then why God did not continue to give light and created sun instead? Was it that God’s battery discharged? And if eventually sun and stars were to be source of light, the why did He not create them first?
c. In absence of sun, how was number of days calculated?

3. Jesus is son of God
What special deeds did Jesus perform to be called son of God that other people could not do? Apart from treating patients and lambs (and eating them later!) that doctors today do more effectively, and miserably hanging on cross, what was his contribution that justify he being called son of God or God himself?

4. Crucification of Jesus
a. Why did Jesus get crucified? If he got crucified to face sins of entire humanity of past and future, what was the fault of Jews who crucified him? In fact they should be also worshipped for helping serve the great purpose of humanity. Had they not crucified Jesus, how could Christians have claimed that Jesus has already crucified himself to absolve all from their sins!
b. If indeed Jesus crucified himself as per a plan to help humanity, why was he cribbing till end. He kept shouting that God has left Him. He repented that people do not know what they are doing. Hence it is clear that Jesus did not die willingly. And this contradicts the claim that he died to help humanity forever!
c. Many people who rebelled against rulers and claimed themselves to be rulers have been killed in history. What was so special about Jesus that he is claimed to be God and said to have been crucified to absolve humanity from sins?

5. Location of God
Bible says that Jesus sits on right of God’s throne. That means God of Christianity is limited in space. Hence it should also be limited by scope and potential. If one reads Bible, it becomes clear that Christian God is a whimsical entity who fights, curses, strolls and lazes. Then what is the point of worshipping such a defective God?

6. Birth of Jesus
a. Jesus is supposed to have been born of Virgin Mary. Why God had to take recourse to such shameful methods to give birth to Jesus? Why not simply grow him like a tree?
b. Testaments states that Holy Spirit arranged her pregnancy. Does it not clearly mean that some fellow raped Mary claiming to be Holy Spirit and that the illegitimate child was Jesus? If not then why God had to make things so complicated – deciding to send His son Jesus on earth, asking Holy Spirit to arrange that, and then impregnating a virgin. Further Bible claims that God, Jesus and Holy Spirit – the trinity -are one and same!
c. Jesus is said to be born in family of Abraham and David. But when Jesus was born out of virgin Mary, how can he belong to any lineage of Abraham, David or called son of Joseph?
In reality, non-english Bibles do not state that Jesus was born of Virgin Mary!

7. One God or more?
One verse of Bible states that O God! Your God has welcomed you! (Letter of Polus 1.9)
Are there two Gods then?

8. Status of animals and women
a. Bible clearly states that animals and humans are different. Now since there is only one life, what would happen to animals? Will they go to Hell or heaven?
b. What happens to women who are not supposed to have souls and are merely there to support men? (As per Bible, Eve was created from rib of Adam, and hence all women represent Eve implying they have no soul!)

9. Souls are non-eternal
Bible claims that souls were created by God. They also claim that God has always been the Lord. Now when there were no souls and no nature, of whom was God the Lord? Was He Lord of Zero or Null?
(Vedas state that God, Soul and Nature are all eternal and exist together. So God is always the Lord and shall remain so.
Also, in reality the concept of Trinity is stolen from Vedas. Soul is the son of God and Nature is the Holy Spirit. But because Christians do not prefer to use intellect in matters of faith and hence keep fighting among each other to discover the meaning of Trinity.)

10. Throne of God
a. Is the throne of God divine or earthly?
b. Is the throne created by God or God has always been sitting on that?
c. If God created it later, where was God sitting before that?
d. Why God needs to have a throne? Does He feel tired or wants a laze?
e. Why only a throne? Why not a bed as well?

This stupid concept of God sitting on throne above the skies has caused foolish people to look at skies and pray that O Lord, May we have the same rule here as you rule in the skies!
That is why people start addressing Supreme Lord with foolish terms like Uparwala! And instead of focusing on their deeds hope for some miracle to happen in the sky! The smart followers of Vedas consider God as an omnipresent all-powerful unchangeable entity not snoring on a throne installed on some palace above the skies and guarded by security guards to keep the God safe, as depicted in Bible!

11.  Floating soul of God
a. Genesis states that soul of God used to float on water. Does it mean soul is a physical entity with shape and size?
b. Another chapter states that God has multiple souls. Which is correct?

12. Fraud Messiahs
Jesus claims in Bible that all the messiah who came before him were frauds, thief and looters. Who is true – Jesus or old Messiahs?

13. Cause of Sin
a. Can Christians explain what is the cause of sin?
b. Can Christians explain if sin lies in soul or body? If sin lies in body, then what is the fault of people who commit sins that they got sinful bodies? If sin lies in soul, how can it be removed merely because Jesus has forgiven them? And if indeed this is possible, why Jesus does not forgive sin of those people also who refuse to believe in Jesus because of defective soul?

14. What is special about Bible?
a. Finally, what unique message lies in Bible that is not present in any other book? If there is nothing, what is the relevance of Bible?
b. To be more specific, can Christians cite even one single useful message of Bible (except things like incest, adultery, killing people, raping, denigration of women etc) that is present in Bible but not present in Vedas which came long before Bible?

If they can satisfactorily answer the above or establish why Bible alone is way of salvation and not Vedas, Agniveer shall willingly embrace Christianity.

And if they fail to do so, I appeal to all Christians to break false egos, reject the falsehood and embrace the truth. That alone is the method of salvation.

May the truth prevail!

Note: We have nothing against Christians but the foundation of Christianity is based on imaginary fiction. It is good sign that majority of Christians don’t take Bible and Christianity seriously. This has been the reason for progress of West in last couple of centuries.

this article can be debated on (see source link), though you can still comment here.

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Всем привет! Вы всегда уверены что правы?

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2 Trent  
What is the oldest dated manuscript in the Vedas?  I was understanding that the RV wasn't materialized until 400-500 A.D.  The verbal stories date between 2000-1000 B.C. but what is the oldest dated manuscript?

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