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Hindus and Sikhs Face Extinction in Pakistan, says Indian American Intellectuals Forum

NEY YORK (TIP): "We are appalled and horrified to know that over one hundred Hindu familieS(about 500 people) in Pakistan’s Balochistan province are making frantic efforts to seek political asylum in India after becoming the target of a campaign of vilification, demonization, kidnapping and extortion by Jihadists supported by Pakistan’s spy agency ISI.

Over the last 5 years, more than 5,000 Hindus have already moved from Pakistan’s Sind province to Rajasthan, India. Their tattered clothes, emotionless faces and vacuous eyes tell their dismal tale. Most of these Hindus refugees look like zombies”, said Narain Kataria, President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum who was accompanied by the General Secretary Arish Sahani.

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Those who say that Sanatana-dharma is eternal and, thus, there is no need to worry about the future, do a great injustice to the Vedic cause and to humanity. Those who say that Vedic culture has lasted for thousands of years and will continue to last for thousands more show a poor excuse for apathy. Though it is eternal, which is the meaning of Sanatana, this does not mean that it will always remain a prevalent force on the face of the earth. It can also decline into obscurity if we let it...
Dharma Rakshati Rakshitah. (Dharma protects those who protect it)
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Shame On Indian Media For Not Reporting This !!

Indian flag burned in Kashmir

The Indian Media is in love with people who burn Indian flags if this pic is any indication.  It ignores the real Islamic terrorists while going on high pitch against "Imaginary Hindu terrorists”

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