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Shame on Indian media for not reporting this

Shame On Indian Media For Not Reporting This !!

Indian flag burned in Kashmir

The Indian Media is in love with people who burn Indian flags if this pic is any indication.  It ignores the real Islamic terrorists while going on high pitch against "Imaginary Hindu terrorists”.

Hoisting Pak Flag & burning Indian flag

The Great Indian Media Logic: If Muslims do it, it is independent day celebration.  If Hindus do it, it is unforgivable terrorism.  Three cheers to Islamic terrorists.


The great logic of pseudosecularism: Shield the Mullah.  He is a Holy Cow. India is a strange place.  Here, secular journalists go out of the way to protect medieval Mullahs and Padres.

Shame on Indian Media and the Govt also for not making it Breaking News

The only country of the world, where one can dare to burn the national flag..

All these become the masala breaking news of Indian news channels:

*       If Tendulkar cuts the cake which is made to look like national flag, he is condemned.
*       If Mandira Bedi wears a saree with the flags of all the countries being portrayed on that, is made to apologies.
*       If one cop in Kolkata and one in Bangalore is terminated of his duties for throwing the Indian national flag on ground, by mistake.

Then why double standards:

*       During the ongoing Amarnath Sangarsh, Jammuites holding the Indian National Flag and chanting ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ are open fired by the J&K Police on orders from the  Police Commissioner(belongs to kashmir). Peaceful protesters are killed..
*       Like in case of Amarnath case, people in Kashmir
when want to get some demand fulfilled, protest by burning Indian national Flag, hosting Pakistani Flag and chanting ‘Hindustan Murdabad, Pakistan Jindabad’. But no body condemns. Infact, all such protest are followed by a team of union ministers visiting Kashmir and immediately sanctioning a few thousand crore rupees for Kashmiris.

*       Every year on 14th Aug (Pakistani Indipendence Day), Pakistani flag is hosted every where in Kashmir, including the govt. buildings and on 15th Aug, same people burn the Indian flag.

This only happens in India!!!! just see d pictures above

Really shame on indian media

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10 Ravi  
Why can a Muslim proudly claim he is muslim and he is respected but If I say I am HINDU, i am supposed to be an extremist...Why do we feel insulted in admitting our religion...?

Is this Kaliyug

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9 Vidyarthi  
Dear Sir, I request you make your student like you so they can defend our self in future and present days by interacting debating all over Aryavert and World.

This is my request to YOU SIR

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8 Vidyarthi  
Yesterday Night When I saw Mahendra Pal Arya speaking debating That time only I realize I got person whom I am searching for.

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7 Vidyarthi  
I am Here to learn
I am here to participate
I am here so I can take as much as Arya's her to know about our current Situation.

Till Day Before Yesterday I was thinking WHY there is no person from Arya Samaj come and debate with DR. Naik as he always challenge and convert many Arya to Muslim. angry

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6 Vidyarthi  

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5 Vidyarthi  

WHY we are not exposing them in large scale
WHY we are so insecure that if we go public then may be that cause us Jail.
We are so true than WHY we not Address people of nation through TV channel as Muslim Always do.
We so much rich people than WHY we not able to defend our self in our own country
WHY very less follower of this website...
WHY Most of Arya's even me don't know much about our Veda's.
WHY Study of Veda's and History before Mugal and British not taught by GVT.
AND WHY we are not large scal talking abt it

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4 dooldDece  
закоханих багато - він один на пилорамі джерело:

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3 VedicDharmi  
a great initiative and true patriotism.

m so pleased to read the website.

lets make efforts to spread the noble message for which this page is created .

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1 Vinay Arya  
This is too ugly for THE BHARAT.Government is not doing anything for it.But it is spreading fire all over THE BHARAT.If our government is not doing anything for it then we must do for it.Otherwise we will also be like government which is too bad.

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2 shubham123  
yes! govt.'s policies of Muslim appeasement and fake secularism .... is just making this country and its esteem hollow... unless people come to know that what is happening with them... the change is not possible... people feel it more important to use facebook and watch porn on internet instead of seeing what's happening in country they dwell in... angry

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