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Read to debunk the myths of Vedas having support of beef-eating. Also know what Ashwamedha and Gomedha actually mean.

Vedic Wisdom | Views: 5191 | Added by: shubham123 | Date: 2012-03-15 | Comments (5)

We always emphasized on this that Vedas have been preserved in their original state since begining and not even a syllable of the mantras has been changed. So through this post the point is proven. 
On how Vedas have been preserved in pristine state, here are some analytical, unbiased and objective pointers. We provide here some details on how Vedas have been preserved so purely and how its not possible to alter even a single syllable. No other text in the world can claim to have such fail-safe method of preservation.
Our forefathers devised a number of methods to preserve the unwritten Vedas in their original form, to safeguard their tonal and verbal purity.
Vedic Wisdom | Views: 39323 | Author: shubham garg | Added by: shubham123 | Date: 2011-02-24 | Comments (0)

                                             Idol worship is not mentioned in Vedas.

Idolatry does not find any support from Vedas. In chapter 32 of Yajurveda it has been said that God Supreme or Supreme Spirit has no ‘Pratima’ or material shape. He cannot be seen directly by anyone. His name is so great that only the Name is enough to invoke Him. He pervades all beings and all directions. 

idol worship was not done from always , neither it is suggested anywhere! many social reformers refrained people from idolatory. since worshiping an idol makes God limits in expanse!! which HE isn't.
Vedic Wisdom | Views: 18468 | Author: shubham garg | Added by: shubham123 | Date: 2011-02-05 | Comments (6)

 debunking the myth of caste system in vedas. Vedas beleive in equality of all and does not says that shudra is a lower caste or so. This is a must read article about foreign claims on vedas having caste system.
Vedic Wisdom | Views: 36177 | Author: agniveer | Added by: shubham123 | Date: 2011-02-05 | Comments (15)